We believe that if you are passionate about creating a brand in the hemp space, we are here to help you no matter where you are in your process. If you’re looking for a quality manufacturing company to help you grow your brand, SKU’s, or brand presence, your search ends here.


  Our unique hemp industry experience has driven innovation for over 8 years. We have crafted some of your favorite CBD industry formulas and are here to help! We have been able to translate that information into formulas that impress, systems that work, and SOP's that increase efficiency as well as profits. Navigating an ever-changing space for nearly a decade has taught us an enormous amount of effective & specialized knowledge. 

Our Industry Experience:

+ 6 Years of experience in Cultivation

+ 6 Years of experience in Extraction

+ 8 Years of experience with Manufacturing finished products


Your Mission:

Someone with the will power to accomplish great things, but maybe you realize how much goes into putting together your vision and need qualified professionals to guide you through your process. 

+ Looking to start a brand in the hemp space

+ Want to get into retail, marketing, or manufacturing of finished products or hemp extracts 

+ Need help building out your brand (logo, brand identity, packaging, custom formulation, website, etc) 



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